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Joel, In all my 85 years I've just never seen such a wonderful idea. I stopped gardening a few years ago when my husband passed away, and I missed our garden so much. My daughter found your information about growing in straw bales, and helped me get two bales started last spring. I grew the best tomatoes I ever remember growing. Isn't that just something. I just wanted to let you know that you've made one old lady really happy!

Already a member of Straw Bale Garden Club, but can’t find your email with the PDF instructions for the 6 Week Greenhouse? Just send a message to Kelly@StrawBaleGardenClub.com & she’ll help you out, pronto!

Whenever you decide it’s DAY 1 for conditioning the bales in your Straw Bale Garden, just click here to sign up for our Bale-Prep Video series. Immediately after you sign up, you’ll get an email with a short video from Joel telling you exactly what to do for DAY 1 of conditioning your bales. The next day, you’ll get the DAY 2 video by email. No need to look at the calendar to try and remember which day of conditioning you are on. Each day has its own video, and we’ll send them to you on exactly the right day for your Straw Bale Garden. Just make sure you’re signed up as a member of Straw Bale Garden Club first. Then sign up for the videos on DAY 1 for you!
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