Garden Visit with Sandy in Excelsior

Sandy has a fabulous garden in Excelsior, with some unique details in terms of irrigation and vegetable choices.

She was introduced to Straw Bale Gardening by her friend Judy, and was thrilled at how successful she was in her first year of gardening this way.

Watch the video below to find out more!

– Hi, everyone! Today we’re here in Excelsior, Minnesota, with my new friend, Sandy, at her garden,

– Hi.

– And she’s done some really unique stuff in her garden. This is the first time we’ve seen somebody using rain barrels. Now, they didn’t use them for the whole season. What ended up happening with the rain barrels?

– Well, our soaker hoses just didn’t have enough pressure after a while, they kinda got gunked up with whatever, you know, we have well water, and so it needed more pressure.

– Yeah, sometimes with well water, you get rust or calcium deposits, and it’ll plug up inside of your soaker hoses. So maybe switch to a drip hose and that would work even better. But tell us about how did you discover Straw Bale Gardening, where did you first hear about it?

– Actually, a friend of mine told me about it, her name is Judy, and she told me she tried it at first and so I was very interested in it because she said it was very low-maintenance and you don’t have to get your fingernails dirty that much, so it just really appealed to me ’cause I really like to eat healthy, I like organic foods and so I thought, “Well, I’ll give it a try,” and it worked out very well. For me it was success, for the first time.

– [Man] Yeah, your garden looks beautiful.

– [Sandy] Yes, I’m addicted too, I’m going to double this next year, I loved it, it’s been a fantastic experience.

– [Man] Yeah, that’s good, that’s good to hear. Another thing I noticed in your garden, Sandy, that I haven’t seen in anybody else’s garden, is you’re growin’ Brussels sprouts.

– [Sandy] Yes.

– [Man] Are you just a fan of Brussels sprouts, is that why you planted them?

– [Sandy] Yes, my husband and I both love Brussels sprouts.

– Good, that’s great, we haven’t seen any Brussels sprouts this year in anybody else’s garden, and we don’t have any in our garden, either. What do you think overall has been your most successful vegetable crop?

– I would say it’s probably been cucumbers, because it’s been very prolific and I love juicing cucumbers, I have it in my juice almost every day, and yeah, cucumbers. But otherwise, the squash has been great, tomatoes are easy to grow as well.

– Yeah, your tomatoes look really delicious. At this point, there are a lot of red tomatoes. Have you ever done any preserving or canning of anything at all?

– No, I haven’t, not yet.

– You have to start with refrigerator pickles with your cucumbers, those are easy to do and kind of fun.

– I’ll have to look that up.

– Real simple to do, yeah. Just Google it, as they say, Google it and you’ll figure out how to do it. Well, what a lovely garden, what a lovely setting to have a garden, for sure, and, you know, I think it’s so great, Sandy told me she’d never had a garden before, this is her first time gardening, so she started with a Straw Bale garden, which I think is great. It takes a lot of the bad part of gardening, you know, the weeding and the soil preparation and having to till the soil and all that kind of thing, and gets rid of that, and makes it pretty simple to do. So I’m glad you took the time to come to the program about Straw Bale Gardening and learn about it, and I’m excited about what you’ve accomplished here already and look forward to seeing what you do down the road.

– [Sandy] Well, thank you very much!

– [Man] Congratulations! You’re a gardener, how ’bout that!

– [Sandy] Yeah, first time.

– [Man] Yeah, there you go. Thanks for joining us, folks.

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