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Welcome to our Straw Bale Garden Photo Gallery!

Some Straw Bale Gardeners set up their gardens for maximum productivity.

Others find themselves designing special “garden spaces” with their bales.

We hope these photos inspire you to try Straw Bale Gardening!

Morning glories growing from straw bales straw over an arched trellis = magical childhood memories to be cherished forever.

It only takes a few bales and a trellis to create a Straw Bale Garden “outdoor room” where you can enjoy peaceful time outside.

A higher resolution version of this pictures is on the way from Crystal S, but we had to share this as soon as we saw it. She says this:

My gardens have exploded over the last couple of weeks, I’m definitely going to be giving away a lot of produce! I have 2 squash plants that were supposed to be a bush variety but they clearly aren’t and are now vining all over the place but that’s ok, they have tons of baby squash. We added upright supports to our curved trellis after the pics because the squash and pumpkins are doubling in size every couple of days.”

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