Straw Bale Gardens Complete

Straw Bale Gardens Complete – by Joel Karsten

This book is a complete guide to Joel’s method, detailing the entire process of growing a straw bale garden. The Straw Bale Gardens™ method, was pioneered by Karsten over twenty years ago, and continues to grow in popularity all around the world. While the method makes growing a vegetable garden so easy anyone can do it anywhere, it must be done following a very specific process in order to have success. His second edition includes additional information about straw bale gardening organically, irrigation in dry climates, gardening in small and urban spaces, and an amazing new section about making your own bales from grass clippings and leaves and compostable materials from your own back yard.

From the Back Cover

Straw Bales: Nature’s Perfect Planting Container

Straw Bale Gardens . . .

  • Get High Yields
  • Never Need Weeding
  • Do Not Require Soil
  • Extend Growing Season by Weeks
  • Can Be Conventional or 100% Organic: Your Choice
  • Can Go Anywhere: Even Balconies and Driveways
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