Straw Bale Gardens E-Files

Product Description:

You will receive 2 e-file formats.  A PDF file for viewing on PCs and a MOBI file for eReaders.

This booklet is a guide to growing a successful Straw Bale Garden written by the pioneer of this method of gardening. He has perfected the perfect way for anyone to have a garden without weeding, bending over, or using chemicals. If you follow his step by step methods and suggestions you will be assured to grow a beautiful and productive garden this year, even if you have never gardened before. The best part is that if the soil in your backyard is less than productive it doesn’t matter at all. If you have sunlight and water, you will have a great garden this year. From the Arctic Circle in Northern Alaska to the heat of the desert in Saudi Arabia, people are using this method, and having great success. The booklet is full color with 78 pages, and has a perfect bind booklet binding.

Table of Contents:

  1. Never fail techniques with SBG
  2. Advantages of SBG vs. soil garden
  3. Site selection and set up
  4. “Conditioning” the recipe for success
  5. Planting spacing, timing and methods
  6. Maintenance, (this is a short chapter)
  7. Harvest time
  8. What remains is gold
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