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Straw Bale Garden Club

This video is planned and coming as soon as we can produce it

We are working hard to shoot, edit and produce videos that will give you the best information and complete details of each step involved in growing a Straw Bale Garden. We have engaged professional camera people, an experienced producer, and a really good looking, talented and knowledgeable star (me) for our videos. It takes a chef more time and money to prepare a gourmet meal than to simply make macaroni and cheese. We want to make certain that this club, which you have invested your hard earned money to participate in, provides the highest quality and complete educational video library on this subject that is available anywhere. You will see that the video library will grow quickly over the season. Keep in mind as well, that our gardens are located in Minnesota, which is a month or more behind the southern states in growing season, so while your gardens may be way ahead of ours, we are doing our best to catch up. Please check back often because this website will be expanding and growing at least as fast as your Zucchini!

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