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Posting Guidelines

Last Updated: 5/10/2015

Please follow these guidelines when posting on the Straw Bale Garden Club.

  1. Be Kind - Please be the kind and gentle soul that I know you are and respect others opinions in all posts. The Straw Bale Garden Club community is a global community and its members come from different backgrounds and may not share the same viewpoints on all aspects of gardening that you do.

    Here are some things to keep in mind:
    1. Share information and comments that are helpful, not hurtful.
    2. Show us your straw bale garden with pictures and comments that will encourage participation by others in the fantastic area of gardening.
    3. Participate by offering helpful comments to others who have questions that you know how to answer.
    4. Posts that contain inappropriate language will be subject to prompt removal.

  2. Commercial Use - Posting with the purpose of advertising and other commercial activity like posting your services and products is NOT allowed.

Please be advised that a continued disregard for Straw Bale Garden Club guidelines could result in loss of posting privileges and in an extreme case even loss of membership.