Day 12 of conditioning your straw bales video

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Speaker 1:    It's day twelve. You're already to plant. You went to the garden center. You brought home your transplants. You got your seed packs. You're ready to go. You don't really need to do anything. After you get things planted today, you're going to want t...

<p>Speaker 1:&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;It&#39;s day twelve. You&#39;re already to plant. You went to the garden center. You brought home your transplants. You got your seed packs. You&#39;re ready to go. You don&#39;t really need to do anything. After you get things planted today, you&#39;re going to want to add a little bit of moisture. Essentially all you need to do is make some holes. These bales happen to be a little bit warm inside, but not too warm, so we&#39;re going to make a hole. If you&#39;re bales are still over a hundred five degrees, you&#39;re probably going to want to wait an extra day before you plant. Just put some cool water on it and come back tomorrow.</p> <p>&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;You&#39;re going to see by day twelve, the temperature&#39;s going to start to drop very quickly. Make a hole. I like to do is just pinch a little straw, twist a little bit, and pull out a little bit of straw. Make a hole big enough to get your pot down inside there. Take the plant out of the pot. If your plants come with those little peat pots, I&#39;d like to see you take a pruning sheers or scissors and cut those peat pots away. I don&#39;t like to plat those peat pots in here. It takes too much energy for the roots to push through those.</p> <p>&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Get those peat pots off. Take the pots off. Stick it down in there. If you want to use a handful of potting mix or planting mix around that transplant, just to heal it in. Make sure the roots are all sealed in real nice. Then grab your hose or your watering can. Once you&#39;ve done your transplant, and just water it in, so that it seals up the roots. We don&#39;t want any air to get to the roots of that transplant. That&#39;s it. Once your bales are planted, you&#39;re done for the day.</p>

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