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So people have come up with all kinds of different ways to sort of mitigate the visual impact of a straw bale. It’s not always the most beautiful thing in the world, especially if you have it up close to your patio.

One of the great solutions for that is to find some type of a container to put your straw bales in. What I have here is a wooden container, it’s a cedar and it’s actually made by a company called Gronomics. They make one to fit a straw bale.

Last year, the straw bale was poking out the top of here. And believe it or not, I had this all planted with herbs last summer.

Last fall, I put mums in here. And had a beautiful display of mums.

And this spring, I sort of pushed the straw down a little bit and now I’ve got it planted with a bunch of flowers. So the straw continues to decompose and continues to provide all kinds of beautiful flowers and beautiful plant material for us.

So a container is a great way to go.

We’re gonna show you a couple of other methods you can use to sort of wrap the edges of your bale or disguise your bale.

You can also plant flowers in the sides of the bales. You know, that’s a great way to disguise the bale itself also by putting some impatiens or petunias or zinnias or some other flowers in the sides of the bale also.

But this is a beautiful container. It’s not the least expensive container. But it is very beautiful. I have to hand them that. Nice and snug.

So if you didn’t do the raised bed container, like we already talked about, this is a great solution for instance, on the top of the deck.

You wanna make sure, however, if you have a traditional wood deck that you put something between the bale and the deck surface. Put some rubber or plastic mat underneath it to protect the surface of your deck. This happens to be a permanent surface deck. So we’re not worried about that. It’s not made out of wood. So this one is fine. But if you’re gonna put a straw bale in contact with your normal wood deck, you’ll wanna put something, some layer of plastic or something between there to protect your wood. But this is a great solution for a container around a straw bale on a deck.

You know if you’re gonna be close up to the straw bale, you don’t necessarily wanna look right at straw all time.

So in an area like this, this is a really great solution. It’s almost like a great big, giant planter with a real inexpensive straw bale inside of it. And would grow vegetables just as well here as it would out in the middle of your yard. So you could have a beautiful vegetable garden, as long as you have full sun. That’s the important thing. Real close to your house, on top of your deck or near your patio. Makes it real easy.

So we talked a little bit about disguising bales in other methods. But here’s another way that you can do that.

This is with little picket fence sections. They’re made out of a polyresin material and you can buy these little fence sections at any home center. And you just snap enough of ’em together so that they go around whatever number of straw bales you have and it does a great job of disguising the bales, so that you don’t necessarily have to look right at the straw, you can see a pretty, what looks like a fence or container around your straw bales. So this might be an option for you as well. Just real inexpensive picket fence sections you can buy at any home center.

So if you’re feeling creative and you come up with some great way to disguise your straw bales on your patio, a container or a wrap of some kind, come and post pictures at strawbalegardenclub.com. We’d love to see your pictures of your great ideas as well. So come and post pictures. We’d love to see it.

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