Easy on Your Knees & Back

It’s a cryin’ shame when a person has to give up gardening just because it’s too painful to kneel in the dirt, or because it’s just too hard to bend over. 

Straw Bale Gardening is a game-changer for folks with those concerns. 

Your plants are easy to reach without bending or kneeling, because they grow about 18 – 24″ above the ground, somewhere between coffee-table and desk height. 

The elevated growing surface even makes gardening possible for people in wheelchairs. Some Straw Bale Gardeners add extra height by setting their bales on pallets. 

Either way, having your plants higher up is a great advantage of the SBG method.

Our friend in the photo is named Marv, and he is pictured still gardening with SBG at the ripe-young-age of 93!


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