SBG is Vacation-Friendly

For most avid vegetable gardeners, taking a vacation for a week or two during the growing season is unthinkable!

They know when they come home, they’ll probably find that weeds have overrun and totally ruined their vegetable garden.

Once well established, pulling out the roots of weeds can disturb the soil around your actual vegetable plants as well, mucking up those roots and even killing your plants.

So a relaxing vacation for you, can mean the end of your vegetable garden for the rest of that growing season. 

Straw Bale Gardeners, on the other hand, can just set their watering timers and take a vacation, confident that when they return home their plants will still be growing happily in their bales.

It’s a pretty sweet homecoming to get back from a vacation and find a thriving vegetable garden waiting for you!

2 thoughts on “SBG is Vacation-Friendly”

    1. Yes, William. Most people get two years out of a bale. Second-year bales are especially great for root crops like potatoes. If you go to our Community Forum page and put the word “second” into the Search Field, you will probably find some longer answers from Joel to this same question, too!

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